Warranty Information

ll cricket bats sold through Meulemans retail outlets and our online store are covered by warranty. The warranty period varies, depending on the brand of cricket bat you choose.

When you purchase a cricket bat from Meulemans, you can rest assured that your bat will be covered during the warranty period should something go wrong.

Why should I purchase my bat in Australia?

Many of the big brand cricket bats are manufactured overseas by companies with separate divisions throughout the world. Unfortunately, Australian agencies do not honour warranties for bats of the same brand that were purchased overseas.

When cricket bats are purchased overseas, warranties become complicated. If you purchase a bat from an overseas retailer and it comes with a warranty (although many don’t), you will have to post the bat back to the overseas country from which it was purchased at your own expense. This can be a very lengthy process.

With Meulemans, you have nothing to fear. Cricket bats purchased at Meulemans stores or through our online store are covered by Australian warranties for complete peace of mind.