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Meulemans boasts a nationally recognised assortment of quality cricket balls for purchase to be shipped Australia-wide. Cricket balls right to your door.

We offer a wide range of cricket balls from world-renowned brands such as Dukes, Kookaburra and Gray-Nicholls. If you’re looking for cricket balls to help develop and sharpen your skills during practice, look to the range from Gray-Nicholls. Alternatively, if you’re an experienced player and know exactly what you want, Dukes and Kookaburra offer a vast assortment of professional game balls – every ball to suit every need.


Dukes Cricket Balls

Since 1760 Dukes have earned a reputation of producing some of the finest quality cricket balls in the world. A true testament to this is that they are widely used in many top-level games today such as the Ashes Test Series, many premier level leagues in England, and County Cricket across the UK.

What makes Dukes a superior choice for many serious cricket players is their expert craftsmanship. As well as being made in England, they are designed using only the very best raw materials. They also come with a cortex centre for shape retention, a hand-sewn premium quality English alum tanned leather coating, and a traditional grease finish.
If you’re looking to improve your bowling this cricket season, a Dukes ball should be one of your first considerations. Even the best bowlers in the world are limited by the quality of the cricket ball they’re using, that’s why many of them choose Dukes.


Kookaburra Cricket Balls

For over 125 years Kookaburra has been known as the number one cricket ball manufacturer in the world.

The Kookaburra Turf ball has enjoyed a long and trusted legacy in Australian cricket since they were first used by Don Bradman’s Australian team in the 1946/47 Ashes Test Series when the Aussies smashed England.

Today, the Kookaburra Red Turf Ball has become a staple of Cricket Australia and is now used in the majority of Test Matches, all One Day Internationals and all T20 International matches around the world. It’s also the first choice for the majority of first-class cricket competitions in the southern hemisphere.

Kookaburra Turf balls are made from the finest raw materials and are expertly designed using a combination of traditional cricket ball manufacturing techniques and modern precision. They offer a wide range of balls that specifically cater to many of the different aspects of bowling and batting such as spin, swing and bounce.

From junior cricket to the Test Match arena, and everything in between, Kookaburra offers a ball for every cricket standard worldwide. Kookaburra will have the perfect ball for anyone aspiring to take their game to the highest level and become the best player they can be.


Gray-Nicholls Cricket Balls

Our extensive range of Gray-Nicholls balls is suitable for players looking to develop and sharpen their bowling and batting skills.

During training, it’s important to have an assortment of balls that can help develop specific bowling styles. This helps sharpen the skills of the bowler, and simultaneously the batter who is receiving the bowls as they are both being challenged.

The Gray-Nicholls range includes; a Batting Master Ball, a Spin Ball and a Swing Ball. As well as these, Meulemans offers a Fusion Junior Ball that is exceptionally ideal for new players to the game as the lighter and softer nature of the cricket ball will help build their base bowling technique.

Using these while preparing for your games are sure to give you the best possible chance of reaching your full potential on the field.

Our extensive range of cricket balls suits every style and every level of play. Browse through to find the exact cricket ball for you!

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