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Your questions answered.
  • Are your online store stock levels accurate?

    We take every measure to ensure our stock levels are accurate but unfortunately it’s not always possible due to the extremely large amount of items we stock. If something you order is not in stock you will be contacted immediately and offered an alternative, upgrade or refund. If you are happy to wait for your item to come back into stock we will give you a timeframe and once in stock send to you ASAP.

  • Can I request Items not in stock or Items not listed?

    Yes, if you contact us we can organise alternate stock if available.

  • If I purchase online can I see the bat I’ve purchased before it’s posted?

    When purchasing online one of our experienced staff will hand select the best bat we have in that make and model for you. If you want to see the options available, we are more than happy to send photo’s via email or text message and let you select the bat you like the most.

  • How do I know what size to select?

    In our product information, we have provided size charts to help guide you in selecting the size that is best suited to you. Size between different makes and models can vary making the right choice tricky at times. This is where our experienced staff can help. If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to contact Meulemans via email at info@meulemans.servicelauncher.dev or call on 0893676216.

  • Why should I Choose Meulemans over other companies?

    Meulemans is a four generation family business. We have the most experienced sales staff in Australia. Bob Meuleman has been working in store for over 45 years, has played First Class cricket for WA and has coached numerous International Players. Justin Meuleman has been working in store for over 30 years, he has represented WA 2nd XI and is currently actively coaching in our indoor facility. Scott Meuleman has worked in store for over 20 years, he has played First-Class cricket for WA and is currently coaching all levels of cricketers from juniors right up to International level players. Braydon Meuleman is the fourth generation of Meulemans in the business and has been working in the store for over 7 years now. He is currently playing first-grade cricket for South Perth and coaching juniors in our indoor facility. As you can probably tell cricket is our passion, let us help you find the right gear for you by either coming into one of our stores or contacting us online.

Cricket Bats

Your bat questions answered.
  • Do you repair Cricket Bats?

    Yes, for bats that are out of warranty we do various repairs. Prices and services are listed in Bat Repairs under the ‘Bats’ heading in the menu on the website.

  • Do I need to need to oil my bat?

    Yes, Meulemans don’t recommend leaving the extratec on for more than one season. We recommend removing the extratec and oiling your bat either at the mid season break or at the latest once the season concludes. Bats that are left with the extratec on for an extended period are prone to extra surface cracks and damage as well as reduced performance. One thing to bear in mind is a new extratec cover will not stick for a couple of weeks after oiling.

  • What Knocking-in should I do once I get my bat?

    We recommend 1-2 hours with a wooden bat mallet focusing on the toe (bottom 4cm) of the bat and the edges. Additional time can be spent through the middle but the main focus should be on aforementioned areas. After time has been spent with the mallet we suggest two to three sessions of throw downs in the nets with old leather balls (70 overs plus). Yorkers should be avoided at first as this is the most vulnerable area of the bat. Once this has been done and the bat is showing no signs of indentation you can progress to newer balls. If the bat is showing signs of indentation it needs more time and we would suggest reverting back to step one.

    It’s important to know that the initial time spent knocking in a bat can have a big influence on how the bat performs and its longevity of the bat.

  • Do you Knock cricket bats in?

    We pre-knock our cricket bats using an old technique passed down from Ken Meuleman. This involves using a Kangaroo bone on the face, edges and toe. This service is complimentary when you purchase a new bat from Meulemans. Bats sold by Meulemans are pre-pressed in the factory to a specific level by the manufacturer therefore extra pressing is not necessary. Depending on the bat we may spend additional time with a bat mallet on the venerable areas. Bats that are ‘Ready Play’ will not require this process but we still recommend the process below. Meulemans can press bats purchase elsewhere on request.

  • Are all makes and models of cricket bats the same?

    Put simply no. Bats are made from willow, therefore each bat varies, the same make and model of bat are usually similar but not the same. Bats can vary in weight, pick up, appearance and performance. This is where the experienced staff at Meulemans can help. A large majority of our bats are hand-selected in the factory before being sent to ensure our bats are of the highest quality. The bats that are sent without us pre-selecting are evaluated once arriving in store, any bats not up to standard are sent back to the manufacturer.


Your delivery questions answered.
  • What is the delivery process?

    Within Australia, we will either use Australia Post or Courier. Once sent you will be provided with tracking information by either email or text message. International deliveries are sent via Australia Post International. For more information on our delivery time frames please go to the individual product page on the bottom right and click on Delivery.

  • I just placed an order when will it be dispatched?

    The majority of orders will be dispatched on the same day or the following day. Cricket bats requiring preparation will usually be sent two days after purchase. If your order is going to take longer to dispatch we will contact you.


Your warranty questions answered.
  • What do I do if I have a warranty claim?

    Either bring or send the item into our stores with proof of purchase and we will have the item assessed for you. Each company has an Agent who is responsible for this. A faulty item will either be fixed within a reasonable amount of time or if deemed to be unfixable to a reasonable standard replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion.

  • Does my equipment have a Warranty?

    Yes, all equipment sold by Meulemans comes with a warranty. There are slight variances between brands but we are more than happy to send you a copy if requested. Some brands come with the warranty information attached. For more information, visit warranty and returns.