Bowling Machines

Light Paceman Balls with seam marking (Dozen)
Jugs BP2 Bowling Machine
Reg Hard Paceman Balls (Dozen)
Paceman GS5 Batting Net
LTD Performance Paceman Balls with seam marking (Dozen)
Paceman GS3 Batting Net
Feed Buddy Ball Machine
Paceman (176) XT Bowling Machine
Speed Buddy Ball Machine
Pitch It Up Machine
Pitch It Up Ball Set
Paceman XR Bowling Machine
SP3 folding portable batting net
Pitch it up Cricket Tripod

Meulemans Bowling Machines
Meulemans boasts a nationally recognized assortment of quality bowling machines for purchase to be shipped Australia wide. Bowling machines right to your door.
Need Bowling Machines Australia?
Are you considering a bowling machine? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Meulemans stocks some of the best bowling machines for sale, all expertly designed with their own unique attributes, but all have the same purpose – to lift your game. Give yourself a competitive advantage on the field with a bowling machine from Meulemans, it’s the most convenient way to ensure that you always have a bowler on-demand to advance your batting and fielding skills.

While practising with a real bowler is necessary to get better, needing to always rely on a human bowler does have its disadvantages. Firstly, you can’t always find someone who is available or willing to bowl for you. More importantly, it’s even harder to ensure that you can find someone who is well versed in bowling and will, therefore, be able to adequately challenge you. Pair your batting practice with a bowling machine, and you’ll be ready for anything that’s coming at you on the pitch.

The bowling machines we offer are from two world-renowned brands, Paceman and JUGS.
Paceman Bowling Machines
One of the stand-out bowling machines from Paceman is The Paceman Pro X2. This machine offers high-quality bowling simulation for all levels of play. With solid metal construction and a tough DC motor, the Pro has the versatility to simulate a wide range of bowling styles and can bowl at a top speed of 110kph. What really makes this model stand out is its ability to be fine-tuned to bowl the exact angle and pitch you would like. With this, it’s able to produce inswing, outswing, off-spin and leg-spin deliveries at impressive accuracy.
JUGS Bowling Machines
JUGS is another brand Meulemans stock and they offer some of the best bowling machine technology available. The JUGS Cricket Bowling machine is utilised worldwide in such places as Australia, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the UK, Canada and the USA. Their machine is so widely popular because of its ability to provide real-game simulation. Not only can it stimulate both left and right-handed bowlers, but its patented “gooseneck” design provides a full range of movement to adjust for all types of deliveries including fast risers, in-swing, out-swing, and slow-spins. JUGS also understands that plucking catches and saving runs is an essential part of cricket, that’s why their unique swivel-base design which provides 360% movement is such key feature as it gives you the ability to set-up realistic fielding drills.

A great way to let your team save themselves for the big match is by incorporating a bowling machine into practice. A bowling machine allows the bowlers to give their arms rest to avoid overworking their muscles which could potentially lead to a strain, something that could hold back their game and end up hurting your team’s chances. A bowling machine from Meulemans lets you have the best of both worlds, your team gets to improve on their strengths and weaknesses for as long as they like, and your bowlers won’t be too overworked.

Shop Meulemans for precise and affordable bowling machines that are sure to help you step up your game. When it comes to your big moment, you want to make sure you’re as ready as you’ll ever be!