Cricket Ball Types And How You Use Them

If you are new to cricket, let’s find out why we play the world’s second-largest game with different types of cricket balls

Red Cricket Balls

Traditionally, since the game’s inception, red balls have been the ball of choice for playing cricket. However, in 1971, when Once Day International (ODI) games began and play extended into evening hours, it soon became clear that the ball colour needed to change. Test cricket, with its maximum of 90 overs, is almost always bowled in a day, and if the light is good, this can blow out to 98 overs. ODI cricket was divided into 60 overs per innings for both teams, meaning they needed to complete 120 overs in a game. While a red ball looks great during the day, playing with a red ball under floodlights reduces the ball’s visibility making game-play difficult and dangerous.

red cricket balls perth

White Cricket Balls

1977 saw the introduction of the white cricket ball to address these issues. White balls are easy to see against a dark sky, improving the viewing experience for the audience. Since 1992, World Cup games have used white balls in both day and night formats. Limited-overs cricket is played with a white ball, while Test cricket uses red balls.

white cricket balls perth

Pink Cricket Balls

2010 saw the introduction of the pink cricket ball into Test cricket for both day and night formats to contrast with players’ white clothing and for improved night visibility during day/night Test matches.

pink cricket balls perth

What is the difference between red and pink cricket balls?

Pink balls have a slightly thicker lacquer coating than red balls, allowing them to keep their colour and shine for longer and giving pink balls a more significant initial swing. 

What is the difference between red and white cricket balls?

Red and white balls are different in three main ways:

  1. Stitching: seam threading on the red ball is very close, while the threading on the white is further apart.
  2. Finish: white balls have an incredibly smooth finish. 
  3. Weight: white balls are heavier than red cricket balls

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