Top Tips For Improving Your Batting Skills

It’s natural to want to get better at the sport you love. We thought we’d share our top tips on how to improve your batting skills in cricket.

Tip No.1

Keep your eye on the cricket ball. This is the most important and often the first forgotten tip! Never take your eyes off the ball when the bowler enters the crease until the ball hits your bat. Track it every moment of its journey.

Tip No.2

Lean slightly forward when preparing to swing and set your intention. Batting is about the intent to score runs off each ball. Put all your energy and focus into hitting the ball. 

Tip No.3

Increase your fitness. The fitter you are, the better you will play. Consider cross-training and combining weight training and speed work. Every cricketer, average or otherwise, should work on their fitness to ensure they’re match-ready.

Tip No.4

 Set small goals. Try to focus on improving one thing at a time. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. Focus on one aspect of your performance, from your grip to your foot position.

Tip No.5

Know how to get off-strike and where your singles and rotation areas are so you can get off-strike easily and effectively. Practice makes perfect, so get practicing in the nets until it feels natural. 

Tip No.6

Know your strengths. Do what works for you, whether you are a front-foot player or a back-foot player.

Tip No.7

Don’t panic. Stay calm and go back to basics if you notice a dip in form. Shake it off and start again. Practice hitting until you are executing it fluently. Remember, the goal is to score runs, not to get caught up in analyzing your batting technique.

Tip No.8

Focus on your form, as small errors can creep in from poor body positioning in the crease.

Check your: 

  • Set-Up
  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Bat swing

Tip No. 9

Step back between balls and take a breath. Improving your batting skills is about managing how you react between swings. 

Tip No. 10

Remember, cricket is fun! We want you to enjoy every moment you spend playing this great game, so don’t forget to have fun while in the crease.

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