Why Buy Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats?

About Gray Nicolls

Gray-Nicolls is based in East Sussex England and Melbourne Australia. Specialising in cricket equipment and cricket apparel. Owned by Grays International, this legendary company was formed when the two companies Grays and Nicolls merged in the 1940’s. 

Soon after World War II, the famous cricket stars Wally Hammond, England’s Captain at the time, and Australian all-rounder Keith Miller began using Gray-Nicolls’ bats. To this day, both Ashes contenders have been smacking sixes with them ever since.

Gray-Nicolls remains one of the only companies that produces bats in the UK and Australia. Another impressive feat is that Gray-Nicolls uniquely remains the only company producing bats that has control over the entire process from planting the willow to delivering the bats. 

Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

Gray-Nicolls’ Australian models are handcrafted in Melbourne and are considered by many to be the best bats in the world. 

Their Australian made bats are widely known to have a much softer feel when the ball connects with the bat, all the while maintaining optimum rebound. Their handles are also slightly thinner than normal and are somewhat oval in shape making them unique in design to many other brands of bat. 

Gray-Nicolls’ bats come in several models that cater for many different styles and preferences. The following models are made in Australia and are handcrafted from the finest  English willow:

  • Giant: This model has been made to the limits of the new MCC laws. Not for the faint hearted, this bat has been developed for players who like to “stand and deliver”.
  • Crest: This exceptionally light bat creates a balance and feel perfect for players who are looking for effortless stroke play. 
  • Prestige: Promising great balance, pickup and feel, the Prestige will perform at any level of cricket.
  • Superbow: Developed using our exclusive bowing techniques, the huge bow to the blade affords players more control with their hands positioned over the ball. 
  • Ultimate: The Ultimate has exceptional balance and a profile to suit shots all around the wicket, this model will impress even the fussiest of cricketers.
  • Silver: This bat has unrivalled balance and performance. It is the perfect choice for players who strive for that extra something special in their swing. 
  • Legend: With only 150 Legend’s made, this handcrafted masterpiece is the apex of 160 years of bat making history and heritage.
  • Legend Gold: Perhaps Australia’s most exclusive bat, the Legend Gold has been handcrafted from the best of the very finest Grade 1 English willow. 
  • XXX: Being one of the best sellers, the four models of the XXX bats are all made in Melbourne by Australia’s premier bat maker Stuart Kranzbuhler. All four models are the same shape and possess a large profile that is incredibly light for the size.
  • Black Edition: This limited release is hand crafted and expertly designed. Sporting an extremely full shape with a massive sweet spot, it provides an all over power that is second to none.
  • Shaun Marsh Replica: Exclusive to Meulemans, this is an exact replica of Shaun Marsh’s custom made bat. 
  • Mitch Marsh Replica: Exclusive to Meulemans, this is an exact replica of Mitch Marsh’s custom made bat. 

Who Uses Gray Nicolls?

Gray Nicolls’ bats are incredibly popular with many Australian players. Their superior quality is a big factor in why the Australian cricket team remains one of the best teams in the world.

This world renowned brand have provided bats for many players on the Australian team including the likes of Keith Miller, Greg Chappell, Matthew Hayden, Shane Warne and David Warner – all legends of the game!

Buy Gray Nicolls Bats Online?

Few things are more exciting for a cricket lover than selecting a brand new bat that perfectly suits their playing style. 

Meulemans offers an extensive selection of Gray Nicolls bats online with prompt deliveries to anywhere in Australia and overseas. Gray Nicolls cricket bats right to your door!

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