Our Kookaburra Cricket Gear

Superior gear makes for a superior player, it’s as simple as that. When choosing your next cricket gear, Kookaburra should be one of your top considerations. Kookaburra is a master of their craft and produces some of the highest quality cricket gear in the world. 

What makes Kookaburra’s gear stand out from the rest is their unparalleled commitment to giving cricketers exactly what they need. This 100% Australian family-owned and operated global business have established themselves as the No.1 Australian sports brand worldwide. Through being an Australian brand, they understand what Australian cricket need from their gear more than most.

One of their most popular bats, The Ghost Pro, is just one of many Kookaburra bats that are used by international and Australian cricket players. What makes this Kookaburra bat so popular is its superior look and feel. It sports a full players shape with a mid-profile to suit all conditions and is made from their lightest Willow. The cherry-on-top is the bat’s minimalist styling – a perfect choice for the classic player who wants to keep the bowler guessing.

The Kookaburra brand has long been associated with some of the best players to grace an international field including Adam Gilchrist, Dean Jones, Gordan Greenidge, Ian Healy, Jack Russell, Justin Lange, Kumar Sangakkara, Ray Jennings, Ricky Ponting, Rodney Marsh and Mike Hussey. 

Meulemans also stocks a range of Kookaburra Junior bats. Give your youngster the best possible chance at being the most skilled batter they can be by starting them off with something sturdy and reliable. 

Meulemans’ offers an array of Kookaburra bats that cater to many different styles and preferences. Browse our Kookaburra bats to find that one that suits you best!

Asides from world-class bats, Kookaburra also specialises in protective gear. They’ve put years of research into developing high-quality, light-weight protective gear that has been tailored to our unique Australian climate. Be sure to include Kookaburra batting gloves, pads, bodyguards and inners when you visit Meulemans to make sure your protective gear gives you that extra edge – every bit counts!

For the wicket-keepers out there, Kookaburra also has you covered. They know that not every wicket-keeper will need the same glove, that’s why they have endeavoured to design a range that ensures a variety of hands are comfortable and protected while still maintaining exceptionally gripping ability. 

To complete your Kookaburra cricket set, you will need a bag that will not only keep your gear safe but will provide you with the right amount of storage. Meulemans offers a wide array of bags that will suit all types of cricketers needs. A player with safe and secure gear is a player who plays at their peak.

Since 1890, Kookaburra has played a central role in the game of cricket. From local junior games to the international stage, Kookaburra has proved time and time again why it’s often a cricketer’s first pick. When choosing your next cricket set from Meulemans, Kookaburra should be at the top of your list!

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