Our Gray Nicolls Cricket Gear

Even the top players in the world are left stumped when their cricket gear is lacking in quality and reliability, that’s why many cricketers trust Gray-Nicolls’ to help them perform at their absolute best!

Gray-Nicolls maintains an impressive balance between innovative craftsmanship and appreciation for the game’s heritage when designing their extensive range of high-quality products. This attention to detail is something that many competitors can only hope to attain, and is what sets Gray-Nicholls apart from the rest. 

With this, it’s easy to understand why a Gray-Nicholls bat is the first choice for many international players. Greats such as Matt Renshaw, Jess Jonassen, Peter Nevill, James Faulkner, Kane Williamson, Shaun Marsh, and Alastair Cook are all known to wield a Gray-Nicholls bat frequently. 

Gray-Nicolls’ Australian models are handcrafted in Melbourne from the finest Grade 1 English willow and are considered by many to be the best bats in the world. They are praised for having a much softer feel when the ball connects with the bat while simultaneously maintaining optimum rebound. Their handles are also slightly thinner than average and are somewhat oval in shape, making them superior in design.

Meulemans’ offers a wide range of Gray-Nicholls bats that cater to many different styles and preferences. Choose a Gray-Nicholls bat for unrivalled confidence at the crease!

Every cricketer knows that they need protective gear, but what Gray-Nicholls understands more than most is what a cricketer truly needs when it comes to protection. They know you not only want gear that keeps you safe, but they know you also want gear that is extremely lightweight and durable. That’s why their protective gear is perfect for players who want a long-lasting solution to premium protection, while still being light enough to run at their top speed and sneak an extra run (or two). 

Here at Meulemans, we stock every type of protective gear a cricketer could need from Gray-Nicholls including batting gloves, batting pads, bodyguards, helmets and inners. 

For wicket-keeping, Gray-Nicholls also know that you want something comfortable and firm. Browse through their extensive range of wicket-keeping gloves and wicket-keeping pads to find the ones that are right for you. 

Past Australian players that have sported Gray-Nicolls gear have included the likes of Keith Miller, Greg Chappell, Matthew Hayden, Shane Warne, and David Warner. Take their advice,  choose the top gear to be at the top of your game. 

Once you’ve kitted yourself out with Grey-Nicholls’ top-notch gear, you’ll need a safe place to store it all. Meulemans stocks several Gray-Nicholls cricket bags, each unique in their storage capacity, look and practicality. 

Gray-Nicholls can also boast an impressive fact. They remain the only cricket brand to produce bats in Australia and control the entire production process – from planting willow to delivering bats to players. This not only means that they are providing jobs to hard-working Australians but it also means that they are able to honestly assure that every step in their production process is up to the highest standards.

Whether you’re a local player or smashing sixes at the SCG, you can trust Gray-Nicolls to have your back. Choose Gray-Nicholls when building your next cricket set!

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