3 Cricket Stretches Perfect for Warming Up and Winding Down

As a general rule, all sports require players to abide by a stretching program to effectively warm up, wind down and prevent any muscular injuries during a game. The sport of cricket is no different. Batting, bowling and fielding involve specific muscle groups that can, unfortunately, become strained and stressed during different activities (such as running, catching or hitting) within a cricket game.

However, it can be difficult to understand which stretches will be most effective before and after your game of cricket – especially if you’re a beginner or still learning about the game.

So, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are three of the most beneficial stretches for warming up before or winding down after a cricket game.

1. Standing high leg bent knee hamstring stretch

Unfortunately, hamstring strains are some of the most common injuries in cricket. They typically occur during explosive or sudden sprints, which are usually a requirement in bowling or fielding a ball.

To perform this stretch, balance one foot onto a high table. Keeping your leg bent, lean your chest into your bent knee and feel the lunge-like stretch into your hamstring. Relax your hands onto your bent knee, and keep your head facing forward.

2. Elbow-out shoulder and rotator stretch

If you’re playing out in the field, you’ll need to focus on stretching the muscles you’ll use for throwing. The same goes for batting, as your upper limbs, including your shoulders and chest, will need to be sufficiently warmed to allow you to make sudden and powerful movements as you hit the ball. Z

To complete this stretch, stand with one hand resting on the middle of your back, with your elbow point outwards. Then, reach your other hand across the front of your body, and gently pull your elbow forward.

3. Lying knee roll-over stretch

Both batting and bowling can place a great deal of stress on your lower back, hips and knees. If you’re playing on the field, your knees may also feel intense strain if you’re having to bend down to make a catch, or constantly bend over to pick up stray balls. Unfortunately, as the game of cricket can be quite repetitive, you may find yourself straining these body parts and muscles more frequently as the game goes on.

For this stretch, you’ll need to lie flat on your back, bend both of your knees, and let them fall to one side. Keep your arms splayed out with your palms facing down, and let your back and hips rotate naturally with your knees. For a more intense stretch, turn your head to the opposite of where your knees land.

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