3 Fun and Easy Techniques to Learn the Skills of Cricket

Cricket is a fun, social game that’s easy to learn. As a result, it’s a popular option for kids or beginners interested in sport.

To play, you’ll need a few key skills that are fun and easy to learn, including hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching, and basic bowling techniques. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few drills that’ll help you learn and master these basic skills in no time.

1. Hand-eye coordination

No matter what position you’re playing in, hand-eye coordination is an essential skill in the game of cricket. For a simple way to improve your hand-eye skills, stand in front of a wall, side-on, and hit a tennis ball with a racket until you lose control of the ball.

Another drill you can try is to bounce your ball on the end of your bat, and bounce it. Continue to tap the ball with your bat; trying to keep the ball in the air for as long as you can. To make it trickier, try and hit the ball on an angle so you need to adjust your body to keep tapping the ball.

2. Throwing and catching

If you’re placed in a fielding position, you’ll need to have sufficient throwing and catching skills. These are easy enough to practice – all you’ll need is a ball and a wall (or, another person to practice with).

To start, throw your ball against the wall and clap your hands before you catch it. To make it more difficult, back further away from the wall, and try catching with just one hand instead of two. If practicing with another person, have them throw the ball back almost instantly to mimic the rebound off a wall.

3. Bowling technique

Fast bowling and spin bowling are the two most common delivery styles in a game of cricket. Though they’re both extremely effective, each technique takes a lot of skill, practice and ability to master. If you’re a beginner bowler, here are a few ways to sharpen your skills.

First, stand and practice bowling towards a wicket. Think about your grip; placing your fore and middle fingers along the vertical seam of the ball. Gently wrap your thumb around the bottom of the ball (also along the seam), so the ball fits comfortably in your hand and can help you bowl with precision and control.

Once you feel confident with your bowl from a standing position, practice your run up. Tweak your speed, angle and length of your approach to find a technique that feels natural and produces accurate results. If you’re hoping to master the fast bowl, you’ll want to practice speeding up at this stage.

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