Top Tips For Improving Your Fielding Skills

There are two main ways fielding changes the outcome of a cricket match: saving runs for the team and affecting runouts. How a team field significantly impacts the game, so it is worth investing time to improve your fielding skills. 

Let’s look at some tips for improving your fielding skills. There is no substitution for practice, so after reading this article, get out there and play!

Tip 1: Form a long barrier

 Ideally, aim to form a long barrier with your feet to stop the ball in its tracks. Your feet create a significantly larger surface area than if you just bend down, aiming to pick up the ball with your hand when it is rolling at speed.,

Tip 2: Back up your teammates

Ensure you run with other fielders. This way, if they make a mistake or are slower than you to field the ball, you can help them out and save runs for your team.

Tip 3: Practice throwing to hands

Catching is an essential skill, so grab a mate, get out there, and practice throwing to hands – this is different from throwing in their general direction. Focus on and aim for their hands, over and over, until you get it right.

Tip 4: Practice hitting the stumps

For a more challenging effort, practice hitting the stumps. Doing this in training helps improve your natural accuracy. Try from all angles to make it harder. For a real challenge, aim for only one stump.

Tip 5: Stay alert

The most important and the most underrated aspect of fielding is staying alert. Your reaction time can make all the difference, so keep focused.  

General cricket fielding positions

The general cricket fielding positions are slip, gully, point, third man, fine leg, square leg, mid-wicket, mid-on, mid-off, long off, and long on. 

Practice playing each position until you feel confident.

General fielding tips

When the bowler starts their run-up, you must concentrate. If you are the slip, you are getting into a catching stance. Everyone else is walking in with the bowler.  

  • If you’re not chasing the ball or backing up a throw to the stumps, move out of the way. 
  • If you are not chasing the ball, back up the bowler/keeper at the stumps or move out of the way. 
  • “Fine Leg” is just that and not a ‘back stop’ for the Keeper. 
  • If you are a slip, stand wide of the Keeper (at least two arm lengths). 
  • The bowler and Keeper should never have to chase a ball running on the ground.

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