5 Reasons Why Cricket is the Best Sport

It’s no secret cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia.

Filled with good sportsmanship, incredible physical ability and a range of specialised skills, cricket is clearly an entertaining game for the general public to watch and play in their spare time.

To further prove this, here are five key reasons why cricket is the best sport.

With cricket, you can hit in any direction

Whereas spots like tennis and baseball require players to hit straight with a level of precision and control, cricket allows its batters to hit in any direction. This means you won’t be restrained to a specific way of hitting the ball, and you’ll be given the freedom to act more instinctively when in the batting position.

There’s a version of cricket to suit everyone’s ability and patience level

Older cricket purists can enjoy longer test matches, where as younger cricket fans who don’t dedicate as much time to the game can enjoy watching shorter scratch matches or one-off games.

On the flip side, if you’d rather play cricket, there are amateur options like the popular Aussie tradition of backyard cricket. This game can be altered to suit any skill level and can take as long or as little as the player’s desire.

Cricket can be played using any ball

Whether you play with an official, seamed cricket ball or a rolled up piece of paper, cricket is versatile enough to be played with any sort of ball. This means you can get a little creative – a tennis ball, a rolled up napkin, or even a rubber ball are acceptable balls to hit in a game of backyard or social cricket.

This rule doesn’t apply to games like basketball, football or volleyball, as you’ll require a specified ball for each of these sports.

People of all ages and sizes can play cricket

Particularly with amateur varieties like social or backyard cricket, the game doesn’t discriminate against ages, shapes or sizes. People can play cricket well into their 60’s, and as long as you’re willing to give it a go, anybody can play a game. If you don’t have specialised bowling or batting skills, there will always be a place for you out on the field.

Cricket thrives off of good sportsmanship

Though the game relies a lot on individual skills and abilities, the sportsmanship of cricket teams is incredibly commendable. No matter if they’re winning or commiserating, cricket players are known to band together as a team and exhibit good sportsmanship to everyone on the field – including the opposing team.

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