Best Cricket Bats for Casual Players

One of the biggest obstacles that stop more men and women from taking up cricket on a social or casual basis is the cost of cricket gear. Thankfully, however, your love for the game doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

At Meulemans Cricket Centre, we are proud to offer an extensive range of cricket bats for sale that are suitable for everyone from the serious players right down to those who just want to participate casually.

Check out the best cricket bats for casual players – including Kookaburra cricket bats and Gray Nicolls cricket bats – available in our store.

Kookaburra Ghost 4.0

One of the all-time favourites in the Kookaburra range, the Kookaburra Ghost 4.0 is an outstanding choice for casual players.

With different weights available, the Ghost will serve you just as well in the nets as it will out on the wicket, whether you’re just training to keep up some sharpness or filling in for one of your mate’s teams.

Gray Nicolls Giant

The Gray Nicolls brand is synonymous with the great game of cricket and the Gray Nicolls Giant is a great reminder as to why.

Handcrafted from Select English willow and made in Australia, the Giant lives up to its name and has been made to the limits of the new MCC laws, meaning this one is good to go for competition, as well as your casual hit in the backyard.

Grove S2 Supreme

The Grove S2 Supreme stands out for its full shape and high middle. This beauty feels nice and light in the hands but packs plenty of punch, meaning no matter your level of play, you’ll send bowlers for six.

This bat is available in a wide range of weights and is pre-knocked, meaning it’s good to go out of the packaging.

SS Makers 9000

The SS Makers 9000 comes with a free pre-knock in and oil and in three different weights as well as different sizes, meaning this cricket bat can but customised to your needs.

This all-rounder is a great choice for casual cricket player.

New Balance Heritage

There’s a reason some of the best batsman in the world, such as Steve Smith, Aaron Finch and Matthew Wade, opt for the New Balance bat.

Known for their fierce attacking prowess, the New Balance Heritage packs a great punch at an entry-level price, making it the perfect choice for the casual cricketer looking to make an impact on the scoreboard.

Kookaburra Rapid 4.0

You won’t need to announce your arrival with the Kookaburra Rapid 4.0

Famed for the amazing it sound it produces when it connects with the ball, the Rapid is perfect for the casual cricketer who needs to make an impact.

Made from Grade 5 Unbleached English willow, you’ll be smashing boundaries in no time with this beauty of a cricket bat.

Cricket Bats for Sale at Meulemans Cricket Centre

All of these bats, and many more, are available from our online cricket store!

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