Aussie Cricket Gear: Everything You Need In One Handy List

Aussies love cricket. We just do. But if you’re new to the game and need a few pointers, we thought we’d help you with this guide to all the cricket gear you need to play this awesome game.

aussie cricket gears

Let’s start with a bit of cricket gear history – did you know the first recorded game of cricket took place in 1611? In 1744, early professionals wrote the first Laws of Cricket, which were amended in 1774 to include many innovations. It is in the 1774 rules that we first hear about the middle stump, maximum bat width, and terms like “lbw” (leg before wicket). So, this sport has existed for some time – let’s dive into what you need to get started.

Cricket gear

Let’s break it down into what you actually need to play the game. We like to start with protective cricket gear because no one likes getting injured playing the sport they love. From cricket helmets and leg pads to bodyguards and batting gloves, you’ll find all the cricket gear you need at Meuleman’s Cricket Centre.

Cricket bat

An essential piece of equipment, the cricket bat, is wooden, usually made from Kashmiri willow or English willow tree. Most cricket bats are 38 inches (96.5 cm) long and 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) wide. The bat has a long handle used for grip as you move to strike the ball. At Meulemans Cricket Centre, we proudly offer an extensive range of cricket bats for sale, suitable for everyone from serious players to social players.

Cricket balls

Cricket balls usually have a circumference of 9.1 in (23 centimetres). Typically cricket balls come in three main colours:

  • Red: used for Test Cricket,
  • White: used for 50-over and 20-over games
  • Pink: also used for playing Test cricket. 


A wicket is a set of three stumps balancing two bails. The stumps are 9 inches wide and 28 inches tall and are known as an off stump, centre stump, and leg stump. 

Cricket bag

Of course, now you have all the gear you need, you’ll have to find a cricket bag to carry it all in. Look for a well-constructed, sturdy bag with plenty of storage space and easy-to-carry handles. 

Enjoy this great game with products from Meulemans Cricket Centre

Meulemans Cricket Centre have you covered with all the cricket equipment and gear you need. Pop into one of our stores to try things out; you don’t need to commit to purchasing. Shop online or see us in-store, and we’ll be delighted to help you find all your cricket gear in Western Australia.

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