Safety Tips for Playing Cricket

There’s no doubt cricket is an exciting, fun game to play. It involves adrenaline-inducing ball speeds, plenty of sprinting around the field, and plenty of chances to help your team gain runs on the scoreboard.

However, as with most sports, it’s essential to know how to play the game properly and safely to avoid personal injuries and keep your teammates safe in the process.

Here are four ways to ensure you stay safe during your next cricket game.

Ensure good preparation

Before you hit the field, make sure you’ve trained properly and are warmed up. Both of these activities will help you prevent injuries, and will ensure you’re using techniques that will help limit stress or strain on your muscles in both the game and in the long run. Make sure you also drink plenty of water, and that you’ve eaten enough to sustain yourself and provide energy throughout the game.

Learn some cricket stretches for warming up.

Alter rules for kids or beginners

If you’re playing with children or people who are relatively new to the sport, make suitable adjustments to the rules of the game so they are at less risk of injury (or so the game is a little shorter and more manageable for their ability level). This could include switching out batters more frequently so everyone can have a turn, allowing every player to have a turn bowling, and spacing fielders further away from the batter to encourage safety.

Learn and maintain good technique

By learning the best techniques for the game before you hit the field, you’ll have training in the safest way to complete different cricket skills. For instance, if you learn and maintain good techniques for batting, you’ll be able to limit the risk of injury or strain to your lower back. The same goes for bowling – by consistently practicing good, safe bowling techniques, you’ll be able to protect your shoulders and chest from strain or potential injury.

Discover easy-to-learn cricket techniques.

Always wear the correct equipment

Wearing the correct equipment is the best way to stay safe and prevent potential injury out on the field. This equipment includes:

  • A helmet with a faceguard (when keeping wicket, fielding in close, or batting). Adjust your face guard to match the size of the ball – the ball shouldn’t be able to pass between the helmet peak and the face guard.
  • Body padding, leg pads, forearm pads, a box, and gloves (when battling).
  • Comfortable fitting cricket shoes that provide adequate support.

If you’re unsure about the equipment you’ll need for your next cricket game, consult a professional by stopping in at a local cricket shop.

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